We need You!

Happy new Year!

A new version of Gnac is on the road!

There will be not so many new features, but a gazillion code changes and a little suprise!
We decided to clean as much as possible the code. Indeed, the 0.1.x version was our first try and we have learnt from our mistakes. This new start provides to us a better basecode and we can then build more easily on top of it.

For futures versions of Gnac, our goal is to increase the user experience. First, we definitely need a detailed documentation. Second, we want to hit a largest public by providing more translations. Gnac is already translated in seven languages - Czech, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Romanian and Swedish. What’s about yours?

To achieve our goals We need You!
So if, like us, you like open source and you want to contribute, check out our Contribute page or just contact us. We are looking for a website maintainer, translators, and people interrested in documenting Gnac.

“Rendez-vous” in a few weeks for the new version of Gnac!

The Gnac Team

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