Gnac need you!


Gnac has plenty of ideas on how to improve Gnac but really needs some help to achieve these objectives. So if you like open source and want to get involved in an active project, then keep reading!

Here are a few of our ideas for Gnac 0.2.4 and beyond (more info can be found here). If you are interested in undertaking one of those tasks, please do get in touch with us at bdupasqu at src dot gnome dot org.

  • Avoid user workflow interruption on overwrite
    • Convert all that can be converted and display errors in the end with the help of GtkInfoBar
  • Terminal mode
    • Separate the code for the GUI so Gnac can be run from the command line
  • Metadata editing
  • CUE file support
  • Video conversion
    • GStreamer backend is already there (branch gnac-video)
    • Mockups for new interface already there
    • Key point: developing new audio/video profiles
  • Convert directly from CD/DVD
  • Convert from Youtube/Dailymotion/…
  • Documentation
    • The user guide is only at an early stage of development
  • Website

Thanks for your support!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your Gnac Team.

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