If you would like to contribute to Gnac, there are several ways to do it:

  • You like websites but you have not yours , just take care of Gnac’s website.
  • You like to write and help people. Write documentation for Gnac.
  • You are multilingual and have a little time. Translate Gnac in you language. (See the Translate page)
  • You are programmer. Send patches you’ve created.
  • You have others skills and you want to be involved. Then join the Gnac team, we will definitely find something for you.
  • You are an user. Send us your opinion, bug reports and feature requests.
  • You are Klingon. Uha…

File Bugs
If you find bugs in Gnac, we need you to file them in our bug tracker. Your problem may have already been reported, so it’s a good idea to check to avoid filing a duplicate.

The GNOME project has a page describing how to write good bug reports.
When you’re ready, file your bug report.

To see what we plan to do check out the Gnac Roadmap.

You can also come with your own ideas, but please, keep in mind that we would like Gnac to remain an easy to use application (in a pure Gnome style).

Interested? Just contact one of the developer of Gnac on the Gnac’s official sourceforge page, or directly on the Gnac Mailing List.