This page shows the current status of Gnac and details what we plan to do. Feel free to discuss missing features and improvements on the Gnac Mailing List.

0.2.0 A New Start ~ Out!

  • Port GUI using GtkBuilder ~ (Done)
  • Display more information about files ~ (Done)
  • Improve progress bar ~ (Done)
  • Core library needs improvements ~ (Done)
  • Port Gnac to GIO instead of gnome-vfs ~ (Done)
  • Support for codec buddy ~ (Done)
  • Rewrite playlist support ~ (Done)
  • Profiles improvements ~ (Done)
  • Translations and packaging ~ (Done)

0.2.x I’m in Control

  • Customized path, name support from tags ~ (Done)
  • Replay Gain, BPM detector support ~ (Postponed)

0.3.x I want to be Master of the Universe

  • General media conversion (Video)
  • Subtitles incrustation support
  • Better debug output support

0.4.x Let me play better, faster, stronger

  • Take advantage of GObject Introspection
  • Clear separation between library and UI. (other projects can use libgnac and libprofile)
  • Web sources (Youtube, Dailymotion, etc..)
  • Source Plugin System ?
  • Cue sheet support (gstreamer work ?)

Ideas To implement depending on users’ feedbacks/requests

  •  A simple terminal mode,
    Use: gnac –no-gui –profile name files
  • On the fly tag modifications support