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The easiest way to install Gnac on Ubuntu is to enter the following commands:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnac-team/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install gnac

More details along with the .deb packages can be found on our Launchpad PPA

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An ebuild is available here.

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Gnac is available in the Packman Repository.

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Gnac is available in the Slacky repository.

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Arch Linux
Gnac is available in the Arch User Repository (AUR).

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Gnac is available here.

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Gnac is available here.

Build from sources

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Download and build from sources

Download the latest release here.

Extract the content:
$ tar xvjpf gnac-x.x.x.tar.bz2

Build it and install it:
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr
$ make
$ sudo make install

Download and build development sources from GIT
To build Gnac from GIT you need the GIT client installed.

You can check for its presence by running :
$ git --version

Then use the following commands to download Gnac from GIT :
$ git clone
$ cd gnac

Now you can build with these commands :
$ ./ --prefix=/usr
$ make
$ sudo make install