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Q. I cannot convert my audio files to MP3.
A. To enable MP3 encoding, follow the instructions specific to your distribution:

  • Ubuntu: Simply click here.
  • Debian: Add the debian-multimedia repository. Then, install the gstreamer0.10-lame package.
  • Fedora: Add the livna repository. Then, install theĀ gstreamer-plugins-ugly package.
  • Gentoo: emerge gst-plugins-lame.
  • Mandriva: Add the PLF repository. Then, install the gstreamer0.10-lame package.
  • Suse: Add the packman repository. Then, install the gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly package.

Q. Album covers are not correctly displayed in the Gnac property dialog.
A. There is a bug with EasyTag < 2.1.5 and pictures. Upgrading to version 2.1.5 and above should fix this issue. See this page at section 2.1.5 - January 26th, 2008 to have more details.

Q. Can I import or export profiles from gnac ?
A. Sure! Just drag and drop a profile from or to the profile manager.

Q. Ooops, I suppressed some default profiles! How do I get them back?
A. You have two possibilities:

  • Close Gnac and delete the $HOME/.gnac/profiles directory. Default profiles will be then automatically imported during the next start of Gnac.
  • Drag and drop profiles from /usr/share/gnac/profiles/default/ into the Profile Manager.

Q. OGG Vorbis audio profiles have .oga as extension. How can I change it to .ogg?.
A. Gnac doesn’t provide the possibility to modify the default extension of a format, because it should never be necessary. So why .oga instead of .ogg? Take a look at Xiph’s website! Indeed, the use of .ogg for audio and video files is deprecated since 2007; .oga (audio) and .ogv (video) should be used instead.

If you really need to do such a change, you may want to copy the gstreamer pipeline of your profile from its xml file ($HOME/.gnac/profiles/profile_name.xml), create a new custom format profile with the user interface, and paste the pipeline in the pipeline field. Then, simply enter the extension you want in the extension field.

Q. My MP3s seem to have bad quality, or definitely a different quality than expected
A. This is a known issue. It totally depends on gstreamer lame plugin. Indeed, it is buggy and limits the encoding of VBR MP3s to 160kbps. Unfortunately, we weren’t aware of this issue when developing current version of Gnac. It seems that the plugin will be corrected in gstreamer-0.11. You can follow the bug evolution on http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=494528

Workaround : Setting max bitrate to 320kbits in advanced properties should fix the issue for VBR MP3s. Unfortunately, in Gnac 0.2.0, the user interface doesn’t provide the possibility to set this property in preset mode. Gnac 0.2.1 will by default include this workaround to transparently overcome the gstreamer lame plugin mess!